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This is a summary of our property management services. We manage tenant selection, rental collection and the maintenance of your property. We regularly conduct property inspections to ensure that it continues to achieve its maximum return. Our management team is committed to your success as a landlord, and I am confident that we can provide you with excellent service and first class management skills.

Commitment to our clients

Our aim is to achieve these three things on behalf of our landlords:

1. To maximise your net return with low tenant turnover and incomecontinuity.
2. To relieve our landlords of the day-to-day tasks of the management of the property while keeping them informed.
3. To manage landlords assets to enhance future capital growth.


Why Pioneer?


At Pioneer Property Management we invest in the latest technology & we incorporate improved systems and procedures to target goals over and above the traditional functions of property management. We understand your property is a huge asset and that your objective is to have the biggest return possible on your most valued investment.


Your property management team will help you:


  • Understand how changes in the market impact your investment,

  • Improve the yield from your property,

  • Feel confident as an investor, and

  • Understand your available investment strategies






Aspects of Property Management

1. Letting of Properties

Finding a Tenant

With owning an investment property, it is important to keep the vacancy period to a minimum between tenancies. Our marketing strategies target people that are most suitable for your property to make sure that the best market exposure can be achieved.


Tenant Selection

Successful property management starts with the best possible tenant. This part of property management is given a generous amount of focus by our property management team. Our application system is designed to make ensure the best possible outcome by eliminating prospective tenants who have a poor record; who have inadequate financial means; or cannot participate on an acceptable standard. We check the prospective tenants referees, financial means and past rental history.

2. Tenant Management

Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are monitored daily through reports. If a tenant owes rent money, we take action daily and ensure we are within the regulations as laid down in the Residential Tenancies Act.

Tenancy Renewal

Tenancy renewal is based on a fixed term lease usually for twelve months.

Before the end of the lease &  based on your advice, we contact the tenant to either negotiate a new lease or terminate the tenancy. With each lease renewal we conduct a rental review. We will consult with you over the renewal and the rent review.


Vacating the Property

When a tenancy is terminated, it is so important that the property is left in the same condition as when the tenancy started. If we have any concerns about the condition of the property, we will conduct a pre-vacating inspection to eradicate any problems that can occur when the tenants actually vacate.

Once the tenant has vacated and has given in the keys, an inspection is conducted to make sure that:

  • The property is clean;

  • Appliances are working and in good condition;

  • The property is not damaged;

  • All previous rubbish is removed;

  • The garden is in good condition.

    The bond is not released until we have determined that the matters raised in the inspection are dealt with as well as any outstanding rent payments.


    Monitor Tenants

    As soon as a lease agreement begins, we make sure that the tenants are thoroughly educated about the Tenancy Agreement Terms & Conditions that are regulated by the Residential Tenancies Authority. We also make sure that the tenants understand what is extremely important with the condition of the property, such as carpets, floorboards & tiles, curtains, windows & flyscreens, wall attachments, lighting, smoke detectors, hot water system, air-conditioning units, phone/internet, keys, maintenance requests, cleaning, gardening, water use, pets (if allowable) and the payment of rent on time.

    Tenants are subject to inspections which allow us to monitor how they are maintaining and taking care of the property and also so that we can clarify that everything is safe and in working order.

    3. Property Maintenance

    Maintenance is extremely important with an investment property. Your property must be maintained in good condition and working order, with emphasis on those items that protect the safety and security of the tenants. Maintenance items include doors and window locks, fences, steps, dripping taps, gutters, repainting, repair or replacement of inventory items, etc.

    Maintenance issues are usually brought to our attention by property inspections or by tenants. Maintenance request forms are given to tenants at the beginning of their tenancy. Additionally tenants can notify us via email or by calling the office. Attending to maintenance requests quickly reduces the impact that a relatively small problem could have later if left unattended.

    We build trustworthy relationships with handymen and other tradespeople who have worked with our office and who we see and know to be reliable. We require all such people to be insured. You are, of course, able to nominate your own tradespeople if you want someone specifically, then we are happy to go with them also.




    4. Property Inspections

    There will always be inspections when there is a change of tenancy. We always inspect a tenanted property at least 2 times a year. We give a weeks’ notice and set a time, which the tenant is then able to confirm or change accordingly.  When an inspection has taken place a report is sent to the landlord. Along with noting the condition of your property and how the tenant is maintaining it, we will also note any current or upcoming possible maintenance or safety issues. It is part of our commitment to maximise return and the capital growth of the property, so from time to time we will recommend some maintenance or improvements be carried out on the property. We deal with quality tradesmen and can arrange for quotes if required and oversee any maintenance on your behalf.


    5. Disbursements & Statements

    Disbursements to your bank account are made once or twice monthly depending on what you choose.

    Authorised repairs and maintenance are invoiced to us on your behalf and are paid from your funds available in the trust account. The payment is noted on your monthly statement with the invoice attached. While many landlords pay their own rates, body corporate fees and insurance we are happy to pay such accounts at no charge.


    We believe we have the ability, professionalism & dedication to ensure that you get the maximum investment returns while relieving you of the administrative and occasionally complex tasks associated with managing a rental property.

    If you have any more questions, or want to discuss this in more detail, I am more than happy to do so.





Dilan Niroshan

Pioneer Real Estate